Snap Neck Nursing Tankini

Snap Neck Nursing Tankini

Product Details

Another great Maternity Nursing Tankini from OceanLily... This suit will take you full term as a maternity swimsuit and then work post partum as a nursing swimsuit. The double fabric bust area has inner molded cups and an outer layer of fabic that is easy to let down with a snap behind the neck. Baby gets full breast contact on one side while the other side remains covered. Below the bust is form fit to below the belly. After delivery the tankini will still fit fairly close. Side drawstrings allow fine adjustment of the length although this maternity cut tankini is generally designed to stay below the belly with little or no belly exposure. You may pull it down really low if desired. The bra construction is two layers and very supportive. The loose cut of the outside bra layer can create some drag while swimming so this is not really a good maternity lap swim suit. Bikini bottoms are a full cut with 1" waistband and ride below the belly. Flat seams throughout. The stretchy nylon / lycra fabric is tight woven and grows with your changing body.