Enell Sports/Nursing Bra

Enell Sports/Nursing Bra

Product Details

The Enell� Sports Bra enables larger-breasted women to exercise and play sports in total comfort. Enell's patented construction gives women of all shapes and sizes superior support, and eliminates bouncing, discomfort, and pain. Wear it during runs, jogs, tennis, golf, volleyball, basketball, softball, while you ride horses, or everyday. Treated with Naturexx for a high-performance fabric that wicks moisture away from your body and dissapates body heat while offering outstanding strength, color, and garment life; also protects against bacterial build-up and odor Designed specifically to give special consideration to the larger breasted woman Superior support, along with the quality and comfort it provides, makes it the ideal choice if "support" is your top consideration in choosing a sports bra Supports sensitive breast tissue of pregnant and nursing mothers by providing unsurpassed support Holds breasts firmly to body for minimal bounce, which means less tissue damage and less pain Makes transition from pregnancy to nursing more convenient with the front hook and eye closure; Front closure allows easy access for nursing or for changing nursing pads B and C cup women also need good support while their bodies are in motion; ENELL eliminates the excessive bounce that can break down sensitive breast tissue and cause premature sagging and pain Ideal bra for postoperative breast reconstruction patients; Similar to an ace bandage, the ENELL compresses the breasts to the body and helps to eliminate movement, which helps aid in the healing process of the breast area; The longer line cut of the bra won't irritate the incisions; The front hook and eye closure makes it more convenient for the wearer to put on or to apply dressings after surgery.
Made in USA